"Every heart sings a song, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."


– Plato

Exclusive Wedding Photographer Italy

Gentle, Evocative and Refined

Welcome to my exclusive boutique wedding photography studio. My name is Sandra. I spent the latest years photographing beautiful weddings all over Italy and beyond.


As a wedding photographer, I focus on engaging in a few selected events a year, which I love to follow from start to finish.

Wedding to me is the most solemn occasion, it has its rites and traditions, details and moods.


I combine a discreet presence, to capture the most beautiful and evocative moments of your marriage, with the most intimate and refined portraits, that remain as art and heritage for your family for the years to come.

I believe in a gentle approach and in an exquisite customer care.


Perhaps, all we need is beauty, poetry, emotions and wonder. And I strive to put these all in pictures for the people I am so lucky to work with, following them wherever their imagination and love will lead.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy

Traveling is one of the things I am most grateful for.


I've been so lucky to work in so many incredible venues and locations in Italy and beyond, touching all our wonderful regions.


I live by the lakes, closest to Lake Como, and you can find me often on the road to Venice, Florence, Rome, heading to the most enchanting venues.

From the enchanting luxury villas by the lakes to the baroque of Sicily.


From the majestic Dolomite Mountains to the shining warm sea of the Amalfi Coast.


Through the poetry of Tuscan countryside at sunset, under ancient olives and majestic cypresses.


I never get tired of the beauty of my Country.

Italy is such a magical land to get married in. And it feels such a privilege to be an ambassador of all this beauty, which echoes the same views that the greatest artists, poets, writers and painters got inspired by through the centuries, and capturing it for the clients that choose me as their wedding photographer.


I can't wait to know what is that inspire you and which magical spot you chose for your dreamy event.


A background in fashion and commercial photography allowed me to explore, during the years, different gazes on this extraordinary craft.


My favorite way to go, in my wedding photography, is a delicate photojournalistic key, tuned with evocative, fine art notes.


I often find myself in awe with unexpected perspectives, looking for that picture which goes beyond the obvious and unfolds different views.


I look for inspiring light and moods, to deliver a curated and refined collection of authentic, timeless and meaningful memories, for you to be cherished for years to come.


In my work, as well as in my life, I always look for marvel.

"I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of Imagination.

What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth – whether it existed before or not – for I have the same idea of all our passions as of love: they are all, in their sublime, creative of essential beauty.


The imagination may be compared to Adam’s dream, – he awoke and found it truth.”


– J. Keats

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