Bridal Atelier Shooting // From the Concept to the Picture – A Journey

(Let’s talk about bridal ateliers’ shootings, which I started to do as a fashion photographer, back when it was not so cool in Milan to mix the commercial with the wedding side and you even didn’t want your commercial clients to know that you were shooting weddings too. >.<)

Sometimes you might think about something.

In our case, you might think about a picture.

And you grab your polaroid back and snap a frame out of it.

Like this.

polaroid mamiya rz67

Your client get excited and decide to build the next shooting on that idea. So you plan the shooting accordingly.

You make the first tests, for framing and light. And then your client asks you to get closer. And suddenly everything changes.

polaroid mamiya rz67

And you end up with something completely different.

gloomy dark wedding dress goth polaroid

I wanted to post the pre-production of this shooting because basically I liked the results from all the steps, but they are too inconsistent to be displayed next to each other on the portfolio, so I decided to use just the final mood and show the others here.

I’m still wondering what might have this shooting been if we had used a model instead of a mannequin.

There are also different tones that came out, depending on how the light roamed across the set, and I loved them all so I think I might keep them in the different pictures, instead of giving the same hues to all.

It is kinda difficult to categorize this shooting and I’m not sure it reflects 100% what I’d like to be representative of my work (framing is too narrow, to name one thing), but we put so much effort in building the set and doing the whole job (it’s been a three full days shot) that I feel I’m not ready to put it aside yet.

Of course, a big thanks to all the assistants and Valentina, which helped us to design and build the set.

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