"Every heart sings a song, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."


– Plato



Documentary and Fine Art – Available in Italy, Europe and Worldwide

So, chances are that you’re going to get married. Or you’re planning an elopement. Or maybe you’re just considering a romantic trip and you’re doing your researches to find the best wedding photographer for you. You’ve maybe come to the right place. My name is Sandra, I am a professional wedding and commercial photographer based in Italy and I am more than glad to welcome you here. As you see, I dressed this website up a bit like an old precious book, to be shared with everyone who’s inspired by the smell of dusty volumes and the poetry of ancient ink.

You know, we’ve come a long way since the good Baudelaire threw his curse against photography as a medium of art. I love Baudelaire but, to me, he couldn’t be more wrong. Photography can be something that belongs to our souls, to our imaginary. You can express and impress. You can fix memories. You can communicate. You can find yourself in awe looking at that unexpected view which unfolds a whole new view. We don’t need too many words. We just need beauty, moods, emotions and wonder. I strive to put these all in pictures for the people I am so lucky to work with.

I believe in the gentle approach and I believe in an exquisite customer care. I love working all around Italy and its beautiful destinations: the lakes, where I live by, the countryside, with the most beautiful locations in Tuscany, the seaside, with such unique gems like Venice, the sublime landscapes of Amalfi and the warm Apulia, Rome, where half of my roots are… and of course I enjoy following you wherever your imagination and your love will lead. So if you think that Baudelaire was wrong as well, I am more than happy to get in touch and start to imagine with you.