Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy

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Italy is undoubtedly one of the most cherished wedding destination for lovers from all over the world.

It offers fascinating, romantic and varying landscapes, and can surely be a place to be in the most precious moments of your life, lingering on the evocative moods which will follow through every new memory of yours.

The beauty of Italy, and its strength, reside in the unique ability to satisfy basically any need or preference you might have about locations and venues.

Destination Wedding in Italy

Have you have dreamt to get married in the beautiful Italian Countryside, in that vintage estate, amongst the sweetest hills where olive trees and vineyards shines at the golden light of sunset? Or perhaps you prefer the luxury mood of those antique villas and mansions, full of incredible pieces of art, where the light spills through the highest windows, gently embracing everything.


Or what about a terrace on the lake, facing a landscape of sweet hills covered with mediterranean greenery and cypresses, echoing the same views that the greatest artists, poets, writers and painters got inspired by.


Could we forget about the Italian Seaside, with its picturesque small towns perched on the hills that dip directly into the sea?

Maybe you were thinking about a medieval castle with its tiny village around, where nothing seems to be changed since ever.


We can even go further and meet on the top of the Alps, breathing the freshest air, surrounded by snowy peaks, while seating by a wooden lodge, drinking some local herb liqueur.


No matter what you’re dreaming of: chances are that you’ll be finding and enjoying wonderful sceneries and the perfect setting for your wedding.


And shall we talk about food? In Italy you will find the most delicious and unique food in the world to delight your palate and make your wedding banquet something unforgettable.

For ages Italy has been chosen as selected destination by artists, writers, poets, and of course by the most renowned personalities and the most charming celebrities. Italy’s inspiring past and history, its natural beauties, its art and architecture, everything recalls the wide iconography that lies in our mind and our heritage.


And here’s where our paths might cross: as wedding and portrait photographer based in Italy, I aim to work with people who are in love with this wonderful Country too and wish to celebrate their unique moments here.


So, would you like to follow me across this beautiful Country, to discover the sweetest spots where you might find the perfect setting to celebrate your wedding or your event?


Let’s start with the wonderful places where I have the fortune to live in, near two important lakes: Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. These two natural wonders can be quite similar in terms of landscape, richness of art and architecture and nature, but while Lake Maggiore gives me the idea of a more intimate and calm place, Lake Como brings to my mind some sort of grandeur, still peaceful and poetic, but with that quite more luxury touch that shines on the beautiful venues and villas that rise on its shores.


Both of Lake Maggiore and Lake Como are the perfect places if you want a romantic and intense mood, full of magic and poetry.


Talking about poetry, I suddenly think about Venice. Venice is one of my favourite place in the world.


I have a lot of romantic memories there and every time I see the calm waters of the canals, the light shining through the narrow alleys and that peculiar mix of gothic architecture and exotic, byzantine mood.

Perhaps there aren’t many other places to celebrate love such as Venice. Any time I have the pleasure to work for a wedding in Venice, or to shoot an elopement or an engagement, I can’t help but thinking about all the magic that flows in basically every corner of the city.


And speaking about waters, maybe now you’re thinking about the Italian Seaside.


If I say Cinque Terre, or Amalfi Coast, I bet that suddenly you’re thinking about warm sun, small bays with emerald waters and tiny colourful towns perched on the cliffs, aren’t you?


But what about the hinterland? Italian Countryside is renowned to be a beauty itself.


I’m of course thinking about Tuscany, or Umbria, with their sweet colourful hills, with cypresses and vineyards, on top of which you often may find medieval towns and castles, and luxury ancient noble residences.

Since we’re getting closer to it, what about Rome? Another one of my favourite spots.


My mother’s family is from Rome and I have been lucky enough to have a grandmother who fed me with all the exquisite recipes that make central and southern Italy cuisine world renowned.


Rome is incredible: you may find millennial-old ruins besides the bench you’re sitting on. It is so rich and generous at the same time. Getting married in Rome is something closest to celebrate and believe in eternal love.


We might conclude this imaginary trip by landing in Apulia. Apulia (or Puglia) has begun one of the most sought after wedding destinations lately, and it’s easy to tell why. Its mix of refined luxury and country genuineness, the golden light which shines through the olive trees, sea waters that remind of Caribbean colours, and the food of course, really brought Apulian weddings on top of the industry trends.

Italian Wedding Photographer

I am curious by nature and passionate about travel, so I always find inspiration in new destinations and I like to give new interpretation to the places I have already been to, tuning them on the best keys, depending on the circumstances.


We all know that weddings mean moments of joy, love and wonderful memories, but a little bit of stress can quickly come into the equation.

I think that one of the clients’ expectation is to have vendors that are able to relieve their worries and concerns.


And that’s why I find so important to let you feel comfortable and allow yourself to live your event in an authentic way, through the combination of a discreet presence that captures the most beautiful and evocative moments of your marriage with the

most intimate and refined portraits that remain as art and heritage.


My idea of wedding photography is to have someone to share the same taste with, who is discreet but passionate and to trust to be there for you, to capture the moments, the moods, those intimate feelings, all the memories, and to develop them at their best to delivery this all to you, to be cherished for years to come.

If reading my words and seeing my pictures is making something resonate in your head and your heart,
I couldn’t be happier to know you.
Whether you’re thinking about an elopement with just the two of you, or you dream the most enchanting wedding, or maybe you want to go totally outside of the box, I love to listen to people in love so don’t be shy (like me sometimes ^^) and feel free to enquire anytime through my contact page .