Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy

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Italy is undoubtedly one of the most cherished wedding destination for lovers from all over the world.

But if you landed on this page, I guess you already have your heart set on that feeling and you're perhaps looking for information on how to plan your destination wedding in Italy.

Or maybe you're looking for the best destination wedding photographer in Italy.

I'll be more than happy to show you some of the pictures I've been able to shoot at some of the most lovely destination weddings in Italy I've been lucky to work at and share some useful tips on how to enjoy the most fascinating and evocative moods of this beautiful Country.

Destination Wedding in Italy

There are so many chances and moods, for a destination wedding in Italy.


Are you dreaming about the beautiful Italian Countryside, a vintage luxury estate amongst rolling hills of Tuscany, with olive trees and vineyards shining at the sweetest golden sunset light?


The same golden light you may find in Apulia, where wedding venues are opulent masserias, in the middle of scented olive trees fields and just a few steps from the most incredible crystal clear sea.


Of course, if we think about gold and blue, it suddenly reminds me about Sicily, with all its baroque and places like Siracusa and Taormina, perfect for the most luxury weddings.



Maybe you are dreaming of an ancient castle in Umbria, with its tiny village around, where nothing seems to be changed since ever and where you'll be able to accomodate your guests like in a scattered hotel and celebrate the most emotional and intimate wedding.


Could we forget about the Italian Seaside, with its picturesque small towns perched on the hills that dip directly into the sea, like the sceneries you can see in Cinque Terre or on the Amalfi Coast?


Or perhaps you prefer the luxury mood of those antique villas that lays on the shores of our beautiful Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, full of incredible pieces of art, where the light spills through the highest windows, gently embracing everything, echoing the same views that the greatest artists, poets, writers and painters got inspired by.

Speaking of poetry and art: maybe you sighing at the dream of a Venice wedding?


Venice, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Lake Como are also the most popular options for elopements and couple sessions, which I love to do, always looking for the most romantic and intense imagery.


And shall we talk about food? In Italy you will find the most delicious and unique food in the world to delight your palate and make your wedding banquet something unforgettable.


As you guessed, I am deeply in love with my Country and I am so grateful every time I can share this love with lovely couples who choose me as their wedding photographer.

Italian Wedding Photographer

Having being an Italian wedding photographer for many years now, I have an extensive knowledge of my Country, its territories and the beautiful and charming wedding venues that are all around Italy. Every time I'm on the road, it's more than natural for me to scout around in search of beauties, local traditions and wonders.


Nonetheless, I always enjoyed to travel the world, to understand different cultures, to see different things, so it's easy for me to connect with the most diverse people and cultures.

I always loved poetry, art, literature, cinema, so in my wedding photography I always look for a mix of enjoyable memories and a little less mundane feeling.


Wedding to me is a solemn occasion, it has its rites and traditions, details and moods, and I understand that wedding photography is also meant to be cherished amongst the heritage of the family.


I also find important to let you feel comfortable and allow yourself to live your event in an authentic way, through the combination of a discreet presence that captures the most beautiful and evocative moments of your marriage with the most intimate and refined portraits that remain as art and heritage.

So I am always more than happy to listen to my clients to better understand and fulfil their expectations, while relieving worries and concerns.


My idea of wedding photography is to have someone to share the same taste with, who is discreet but passionate and to trust to be there for you, to capture the moments, the moods, those intimate feelings, all the memories, and to develop them at their best to delivery this all to you, to be cherished for years to come.

If reading my words and seeing my pictures is making something resonate in your head and your heart,
I couldn’t be happier to know you.
Whether you’re thinking about an elopement with just the two of you, or you dream the most enchanting wedding, or maybe you want to go totally outside of the box, I love to listen to people in love so don’t be shy (like me sometimes ^^) and feel free to enquire anytime through my contact page .