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What better place to enjoy a typical southern Italy seaside resort than the Amalfi Coast?


The warm hospitality of its inhabitants, the delicious local products, accompanied by fine wines… it is not difficult to understand why the Amalfi Coast, this picturesque masterpiece suspended between sky and sea, rich in intense colours and warm shades, is constantly amongst the most favorite destinations for weddings and elopements by people from all over the world.

Getting Married on Amalfi Coast

Ancient monasteries, luxurious villas surrounded by flower gardens and charming Moorish palaces: the sun illuminates the coast to the small houses perched on the cliffs and the sea blends in with the sky, toning the whole landscape indigo.


This land is a satisfaction for all your senses.


The view is pleased by the Mediterranean landscape, your ears enjoy the sound of sea and wind among the maritime pines. In the air you breathe the typical Mediterranean smells mixed with the sweet scent of lemons, flowers and sea. The skin is warmed up by the sun and the taste… well, let me just name limoncello, pizza, mozzarella di bufala, sfogliatelle and pastiera. And coffee, of course.


On the Amalfi Coast, mountains and sea are connected by a dense maze of narrow streets, lanes and stairs. Behind every corner, at the top of a climb or at the foot of a slope, there is a wonder waiting for you.


Carnation and bougainville adorn the houses perched on the tips of the Lattari Mountains, and they have bright colors and often their domes are in sinuous majolica.


You can get lost among these quiet coves and imposing promontories, bays and fjords and pebble beaches.


The Coast offers many ideas for those who want to decide to celebrate here their wedding or elopement.


All the towns of the Amalfi Coast are linked by a route, which is considered one of the most beautiful panoramic roads of Italy. It follows the natural profile of the coastline, between the sea and the rocky wall and at each turn gives you a charming and peculiar landscape.


Amalfi is a small and beautiful town with a very special position, it is precisely at the mouth of a gorge with the sea on the front and the rising hills behind, populated by delightful coloured houses.

By choosing Amalfi as your wedding destination, you can opt for places that recall suggestions from the past, like an ancient monastery overlooking the sea, with its old Saracen tower, transformed into a resort which retains all the peculiarities and the original atmospheres, available exclusively for your event. Or the famous Hotel Santa Caterina, with its terrace set among rocks overlooking the sea, where you can organise an intimate and I guess unforgettable reception.


Positano, very exclusive destination of the Amalfi Coast, is rich in warm and lively colours: a real Mediterranean jewel. Here you just walk around the small stone streets and you go up and down thanks to stairs and steps scattered around everywhere. Villas, gardens, palaces and balconies with sea views: a wedding in Positano immediately takes on the most refined and elegant features.


Among the most interesting venues in Positano, we’ve got Palazzo Murat: the King of Naples, Gioacchino Murat, was so impressed with the grace of its design and architecture that he decided to make the Palace his summer home. Set in the center of Positano, this 18th-century property is surrounded by a botanical garden full of Mediterranean scents, an intimate and quiet place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and landscape.


Villa San Giacomo, on the other hand, is a luxurious mansion built in the mid-eighteenth century, overlooking the port of Positano and hosting marriages and civil and symbolic events. The environments are extremely distinctive and is ideal for weddings and intimate and refined events.


With a short boat ride from Positano you can reach the island of Capri: a true romantic heaven, selected destination for weddings and elopements.

The most spectacular sight is offered from the highest point of the Monte Solare, where you can see the Bay of Naples and Salerno.


The terraces of the Augusto Gardens are one of the most exclusive places to celebrate a wedding. The large terrace overlooks the Faraglioni and the beautiful bay of Marina Piccola.


In Capri the air has an intense scent of flowers, and no matter the type of ceremony you choose, chances are that you’re going to find the perfect settings: from ancient monasteries, such as the Certosa di San Giacomo, to majestic villas, such as Villa San Michele and Villa Lysis, every event will find its best dimension.


Sorrento is one of the most popular destinations for weddings on the Amalfi Coast too.

During the centuries, poets, musicians and artists have been inspired by Sorrento and have sung its beauty: scented gardens, small craft shops and of course limoncello, the typical liqueur of this area, famous all over the world. Also here you will find hotels with gardens overlooking the cliff, liberty interiors and breathtaking terraces views.


Last but not least, Ravello, an intimate and hidden gem that is in a slightly higher position than the usual tourist routes, is the ideal place for those who want privacy and at the same time wants to enjoy spectacular views over the bay of Salerno and evocative environments that can range from Gothic castles, to Romanesque churches, to elegant villas.


Noteworthy is the magnificent Villa Cimbrone, a historic building built on a rocky promontory whose most valuable asset is a vast park full of statues, fountains and caves that culminates with a lookout point showing, especially from the famous “Infinity Terrace”, the wonderful spectacle of the Gulf of Salerno and neighbouring coastal areas.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

The Amalfi Coast is a place where everything exudes beauty. Wonderful views, wild coasts, sea pines, Mediterranean colours. A wedding here will have the light and the atmosphere that in our imagination immediately recalls of Italy and its beauties.


South Italy is a place where European culture, art and architecture blend with exotic suggestions, scents and colors and here, in the Divine Coast, this atmosphere is particularly present.

Scenarios are incredible inspirations from any point of view: from the hinterland to the sea, or from the sea to the colored coves …


Getting married on the Amalfi Coast, with a wedding on the beach, or on a magnificent terrace overlooking the sea, at sunset, and then a banquet rich in local delicacies, enjoying the carefree and warmth typical of this cozy and generous land: are there more happy and precious memories to preserve, if you imagine your wedding?

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