Apulia Wedding Photographer


Apulia is mostly known for its beaches and its sea.

But it hides an outback rich in charm and tradition and unexpected treasures of art and architecture.

The mood is that peaceful one typical of the regions of Southern Italy, constantly kissed by the sun and with that sublime scent of earth.

Amongst the olive trees fields and the gorgeous masserias, it’s easy to understand why Apulia is constantly among the top trending locations in the world to celebrate weddings, elopements and events.

Getting Married in Apulia

There are a lot of reasons why Apulia constantly stays at the top of the list of the most interesting wedding destinations: the climate is always mild and sunny, especially from April to October; its locations have unique and fascinating features; food and wine are rich in history and traditions.


Many personalities choose Apulia as their wedding and events destination, witnessing that the fame and beauty of this land are always universally renowned.


Usually the masseria is the most popular option for those who choose to get married in Apulia.


These white places, surrounded by warm light and secular olive trees, immediately evoke the atmosphere of old times and bucolic traditions.


A large and cheerful dinner table in the Apulian countryside, breathing the scents of the earth and tasting the delicious flavours of local cuisine, while the sun sets and wraps everything around in its warm and soft tones.


The most emblematic place for these atmospheres is Valle d’Itria, with its sunny fields, blue sky and the aromatic smell of plants growing from the red earth.


It is also known as the Valle dei Trulli: its white buildings surrounded by the greenery give each small village of this valley a unique and placid atmosphere, where every tension is immediately dissolved and you can enter a state of peace and absolute relaxation.


Alberobello is one of the must-see in the Itria Valley. In fact, this village is one of the 53 Italian sites included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List.


Its houses are an amazing and long-lasting example of spontaneous architecture. Walking around the historic center you’ll feel like making a trip in a suspended time.

Through the country roads, you can reach Locorotondo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with its characteristic round shape (formerly known as “Luogorotondo”), the heart of the so-called “Murgia dei Trulli”.


Last but not least in Valle dei Trulli is the small town of Ostuni, the only one with an access to the sea. Also known as “The White City”, Ostuni has conquered the heart of all the people who have been lucky to visit it, thanks to its picturesque town center, a medieval heart that has remained intact for centuries, today one of the favourite touristic Apulian destinations amongst the most popular.


One of the things that fascinates me most about Apulia is the mixture between Gothic and Byzantine. Puglia, like many other areas of Italy, has undergone various dominations and has inspired artists and poets from everywhere.


It may seem strange to think that a bright region such as Puglia, served as scenario and inspiration for some of the most dark stories in literature: perhaps there must be something so deeply sublime, which sneaks through our most subliminal paths and reaches the most romantic and wild sides of the imagination.


One of these places, among the legacy left to Puglia by Frederick II of Swabia, is Castel Del Monte. Famous for inspiring the library building in “The Name of the Rose”, Castel del Monte is a jewel of suggestions. Built directly on a rocky counter, from the distance it seems a small and strange medieval building. But getting closer, it impresses with its majesty, and inside, one can not help but feel in a maze of stone and light that confuses and amazes.


Back to the sea, among the most striking views, it is impossible not to mention the small village of Polignano a Mare, perched on a rocky spur over the turquoise waters. In Polignano you can get married on the beach, surrounded by the spectacular sunset light, or choose the terraces that overlook the sea.

A reception at the hotel restaurant Grotta Palazzese will offer to you and your guests not only elegance and sophistication, but above all an unique scenarios: it is in fact a structure dug directly into the rock, a cave lit by candles and by the light of the moon reflecting on the sea.


Salento then is undoubtedly the most famous side, for the sea-lovers: from Santa Maria di Leuca, Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, to Otranto, the most easterly point.


Crystalline and Caribbean waters, sunny landscapes, unique and evocative sceneries.


Here the blue of the sea meets with the ocher colours of the rocks, and the human constructions seem to be one with the natural elements.


The atmosphere is the perfect mix between Mediterranean and Oriental and makes the perfect scenario for romantic trips, couple photography and engagement photos.


On the ionic side you will find landscapes of exotic flavour accompanied by excellent Mediterranean cuisine.


A walk on the beach at sunset, while the sun mingles slowly with the water, on the horizon, shining sky and earth of wonderful colors, it could be a great set for an unforgettable love declaration.


On the Adriatic side, however, you can expect a predominantly rocky scenario, just as romantic and perhaps even more sublime and poetic.


Apulia is open to many interpretations: a Mediterranean-style wedding in masseria, an elegant event in one of the beautiful luxury villas, a romantic and wild elopement between the salty whitewashed rocks: what’s the setting that you feel more yours?

Apulia Wedding Photographer

Apulia has a fantastic light. Tones are always delicate and in perfect harmony. Olive green connects warm earth colors to the blue of the sea and sky.


Sunset often lights everything up, wrapping things and people in an unique glow.


The mediterranean warmth and the peace are combined to a sense of sublime and wilderness, more towards the romantic side, which creates a unique and very impressive scenic mix, and is always an inspiration to try to capture all of these suggestions through the photographs.

The open spaces, the airy places, the shadows in the white squares, a little like a piece by De Chirico… Winds and clouds which run across the land and the sea, between South and East…


From a bucolic scene in the countryside, among the olive trees, one can easily switch to a more oneiric scenery, where the lovers walk in the indigo shades that sunset light creates on the architectures, in the ancient silent squares.


How do you not fall in love with Apulia?

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