Rome Wedding Photographer


Rome is one of my favorite places.

My family, on my mother’s side, is from Rome and this legacy is still very strong.

Just the smell of a dish of the Roman cuisine or hearing someone talking with the typical accent, and I feel at home.

Rome, the eternal city, certainly needs no introduction: it is one of the few places in the world where you can find a millennial ruin next to the bench where you just sat to rest a moment.

Center of civilization for centuries, full of religious and secular art and architecture, it is easy to understand why Rome is one of the most popular destinations for weddings and romantic trips.

Getting Married In Rome

There’s not a corner in the city of Rome that is not fascinating and exciting. And it’s not just about the historic center: also the more recent neighbourhoods, the many villas spread out for the city, churches and everything that makes this place a unique place in the world.


The unique charm that you can breathe in the alleys as you walk around the cobblestones, the majestic and impressive monuments, the story you can feel by admiring the testimonies of the great empire, are just some of the reasons that lead many people to choose Rome as the selected destination to celebrate their own marriage.


Rome has been and still is an important film production center. It was called Hollywood upon Tiber.


And you surely can be inspired right from the cinemas, when it comes to choose the location or venue to celebrate our event.


From Neorealism to Cinema d’Autore, to foreign films set in Rome, we can imagine an intimate banquet on a Roman terrace, or a sumptuous celebration in one of the many magnificent noble palaces, up to the country-chic event on the Latium Hills, wrapped in the subtle scent of salt and surrounded by the silhouettes of the tall pines that characterize the Roman landscape

Being the seat of the Vatican and cradle of Catholicism, for religious ceremonies, especially Catholics, Rome is *the* point of reference.


Did you know that, planning with due anticipation, you can also get married inside the very Saint Peter’s Basilica?


Obviously, Rome abounds in churches and a whole book wouldn’t be enough to name them all. Each one has its peculiar features and its magic.


And there are so many couples who choose to celebrate their religious marriage in Rome, especially at certain times of the year, that is strongly recommended to plan everything and check availability sufficiently in advance, to avoid excessively long waiting times or loosing your favourite spots.


Very often it is possible for private venues to host, in addition to symbolic marriages, even religious marriages and blessings.


As we said earlier, one of the most popular suggestions for a wedding in Rome is surely a banquet on the magnificent terrace of one of the grand hotels in the center, admiring a unique panorama that at sunset will easily become breathtaking and unforgettable.


Or a sumptuous reception in a baroque palace, such as Palazzo Brancaccio, or the elegant Roman villas, including Villa Aurelia and Villa Miani.

Villa Aurelia is located at the highest point inside the walls, is a sight of placid baroque elegance, from which you can admire the city below.


Even Villa Miani, albeit slightly farther from the center and with a more modern feel, probably given by a more interpretive restoration, boasts an incredible view from its terraces.


A special mention goes to the medieval castles that can be found just outside Rome, such as the Odescalchi Castle on Lake Bracciano, where the mood is a mix between the imposing medieval fortification and the opulence of Roman aristocrats, and the cardinal dwellings, Like Villa Grazioli, between Rome and Tivoli, a gem of national significance recently brought to its former glory.


It is impossible to bring justice to a magnificent city like Rome in these few lines, but surely the eternal city can be the ideal scenery for a wedding or an event surrounded by an aura of solemnity and wonder for the beauties that have remained intact for centuries and Millennia, and which strongest symbol to celebrate the deepest bond of love?


Of course, Rome is also very well suited for unforgettable romantic journeys and couple and engagements’ photo shoots.

Rome Wedding Photographer

Sunrise is usually the best time for a photoshoot in Rome, and the sunset as well, in less crowded seasons: the very passersby become an evocative element of the scenery.


As I said at the beginning, there is no corner of Rome that can’t be appreciated, especially for a photographer, but there are some that I love most.


Trastevere is one of them, with its quaint alleys nestling in hidden squares, where the old and the new seem to live together to form a unique and inimitable romantic setting.


Not long ago, I was told about how Trastevere is a kind of small ancient village in the heart of a great metropolis, and that is in fact the exact feeling.


Another special place is the Spanish Steps, one of the Capitoline symbols par excellence, with its staircase reaching Trinità dei Monti: places that are very very impressive and very interesting to photograph, where it is worth to stop by for a moment and breath the impressive atmosphere.


The Spanish Steps for me is a place of the heart, because right next to the stairway, in the Keats-Shelley Memorial House, John Keats, cared for by his friend and poet Percy Shelley and Joseph Severn, lived his last moments.

The house is a true museum, a tribute to the second generation of romantic English poets.


The library, filled with ancient texts, high ceilings, boiseries, portraits and original manuscripts, the clear light that enters the windows, everything just leads you to smell the very atmosphere of Keats poetry.


I would be talking for hours about this place and, although it is not a proper part of our photo tour, I can’t help but recommend you to visit it, if you haven’t had the chance yet.


We continue our photographic inspirations towards the Roman hills, which offer spectacular views, especially at sunset: from anywhere you can see the dome of St. Peter and often also the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland).


The Janiculum and the Pincio Terrace, immediately above Piazza del Popolo, are just some of these scenic spots.


A relaxing walk through the fresh atmospheres of the Villa Borghese Gardens and you will come out in Via Veneto, the famous lane of La Dolce Vita.

Walking along the Lungotevere then, you can reach the Bridge of Castel Sant’Angelo, which at sunset shines with golden light, and leaves breathless.


Another small and quiet corner is the Rionte Monti, perfect if you want to immerse yourself in art galleries and wineries, here time seems to have stopped and you can still find small artisan shops and one of the most famous vintage markets in the capital.


I would conclude our tour in a very impressive place on the top of Aventino Hill, towards Giardino degli Aranci, from which you can admire a spectacular panorama that embraces the Tiber River till St. Peter.


The itineraries, of course, are infinite and the cues for making a nice photoshoot of your journey too.


It is truth that Rome is the symbol of eternity, and what better place to make the most intense statement of love, to make the most unforgettable engagement proposal?


To me, Rome is always a great inspiration.


Every time it shows me a different bit of itself, and it is always fascinating.


Of course, I try to return all of it to my clients too, so they can bring back and cherish al the memories and feelings of their wonderful Italian journey.

If reading my words and seeing my pictures is making something resonate in your head and your heart,
I couldn’t be happier to know you.
Whether you’re thinking about an elopement with just the two of you, or you dream the most enchanting wedding, or maybe you want to go totally outside of the box, I love to listen to people in love so don’t be shy (like me sometimes ^^) and feel free to enquire anytime through my contact page .