Umbria Wedding Photographer


Umbria is a true green heart set in the center of Italy.

A silent and suggestive land, full of natural, artistic and gastronomic beauty.

It is certainly one of the latest top trending locations, when it comes to choose where to celebrate your wedding in Italy, especially if you’re more on the country chic mood. Umbria has got tiny wonderful medieval hamlets with unique atmospheres, and a beautiful mediterranean countryside. Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Perugia and Orvieto are just some of the most renowned Umbrian towns in the world: their medieval architecture remained intact for centuries and still contain treasures and masterpieces of priceless beauty.

Getting Married In Umbria

When the rest of Italy is baking hot, here in Umbria you will find the sweetest breeze and the most pleasant weather.


Between the end of May and the middle of July walking along the paths of Pian Grande and Pian Perduto, up to the Sibillini Mountains, you can witness the phenomenon of flowering, unique in its kind, with colours ranging from yellow to ocher to red: a wonderful and enchanting sight that leaves astonished anyone ha the chance to admire it.


Umbria’s beautiful landscapes are one of its most precious treasures


They spread serenity and peace. Amongst these warm coloured hills you can really feel yourself in some kind of more natural way, aside from the hurry of modern times, surrounded by a lovely sense of sublime and wonder.


The same wonder you can find as soon as you enter the cities. Gubbio rises at the foot of Monte Igino, towards the upper east of the region, close to Le Marche, and it’s the oldest town in Umbria: most of the historical center’s buildings are dated back to 1200 A.D.


Its historical and artistic heritage make this city a true medieval gem, not to mention its food and folkloristic traditions, which have remained virtually untouched throughout the centuries.


Walking down its alleys, it’s quite easy getting lost in all the wonders made of ceramic, leather, iron and gold you can find in the artisans’ shops.


Perugia, the county seat, is a gorgeous medieval town with a rich artistic heritage, such as Fontana Maggiore in Piazza IV Novembre, built by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano between 1275 and 1278, and the San Lorenzo’s

Cathedral and Palazzo dei Priori, home to the Umbra National Gallery, also in the same area.


If you are a chocolate lover, you probably know Perugia also for being home of the world renowned Perugina, with its famous Baci, the aphorism-wrapped pralines, and host of Eurochocolate Festival, attended every year by chocolate enthusiasts from all over the world.


Talking about Umbria, we can’t forget to mention Assisi, one of the most renowned towns in Italy and UNESCO heritage.


Assisi is also the city of San Francesco and it is after him that the wonderful Basilica that from Mount Subasio dominates the whole valley was named: a monument of great artistic value that contains masterpieces of painters like Cimabue, Giotto and Lorenzetti, to name a few.


Just outside the city walls you can admire the Rocca Maggiore rebuilt in 1367 by Cardinal Albornoz on a former structure (1174) of an ancient feudal castle.


Umbria is a mystical and sublime land. Its fairy landscapes, abbeys, castles perched on the hills and medieval hamlets, are the perfect scenery for a wedding or an event which features wonders and magical atmospheres.


You may choose a solemn, medieval-flavoured wedding ceremony in the magnificent cloister of one of the old ancient abbeys.


Or gather your guests in an Umbrian village, to get married and celebrate surrounded by the atmosphere of the noble ancient country Italian traditions, made of relaxed elegance, sublime food and wine and amazing sunset views amongst the olive trees.

There is also che chance to celebrate in a medieval castle, to get a bit more of a solemn feeling and immerse even more in those antique moods which are extremely well preserved here.


Getting married in Umbria will definitely assure an antique intimate and serene flavour to your event, while keeping that airy, magical and peaceful mood that you can feel in the fields which extend all around, embracing castles’ walls and ancient ruins.


Orvieto is another of those jewels filled with magic and wonder, where ancient tales are told and infinite landscapes fill the gaze.


Perched on a high tuff cliff in the middle of the Apennines, Orvieto is a hamlet of rare beauty and ancient history.


No wonder that it’s one of the favourite destinations of some of the most renowned names in the movies industries, like Scorsese, one of my favourite directors, and international music is also well served in Orvieto, at the recording studio in Villa Malva.


One of the most characteristic wedding venues in Orvieto is Hotel La Badia.


Immersed in the green Umbrian countryside, it qualifies as one of the most ancient hotels in Italy. Dated back to 1100 A.D., it went through a challenging restoration work which allowed to preserve the unique architectural features.


La Badia is now one of the most enchanting wedding venues in Umbria, where getting lost in ancient moods, lush gardens and courtyards and amazing art pieces.

Umbria Wedding Photographer

As with Tuscany, the Marche, Abruzzo, Lazio, Matera, Monferrato and the entire Italian Countryside, Umbria is well suited for weddings and intimate events, with that elegant and country chic flavour.


An open-air ceremony, with the backdrop of the Apennine reliefs, a walk through the olive trees at sunset, and an outdoor banquet, the guests gathered in a long, cheerful table, to taste local delights…

…and the evergreen cypresses that, as you might have often read on this site, are for me the one of elements that immediately add poetry to a scene, reminding me of my favourite poets and artists.


The Umbria I love is wilder than other similar places.

There is an absolutely romantic and poetic atmosphere, a bit moving and placid at the same time, and the echoes of past ages resound everywhere.


Personally, I can’t help but adore this mood so peculiar, so magical, and it’s always an inspiration for me to try to transfer these atmospheres into photographs for my clients, when I work in this land which can definitely leave you in the deepest awe.

If reading my words and seeing my pictures is making something resonate in your head and your heart,
I couldn’t be happier to know you.
Whether you’re thinking about an elopement with just the two of you, or you dream the most enchanting wedding, or maybe you want to go totally outside of the box, I love to listen to people in love so don’t be shy (like me sometimes ^^) and feel free to enquire anytime through my contact page .