Lake Maggiore Wedding at the Sanctuary

If you follow Lake Maggiore‘s shores towards north, you will find sceneries that are a bit more wild and rough, where nature doesn’t like to be tamed too much: as soon as you leave the towns, you can find yourself immerse in the Alps and their landscapes, and the lake is the element that sweetens everything, still retaining that extremely romantic sauvage feeling. This is the scenery that A&F chose for their wedding, and I loved it so much.

We are almost at the Swiss border here, near Luino, which, by the way, seems to be the city my surname come from, and in the sweet fraction of Maccagno, you can find this lovely Sanctuary named Santuario della Madonna della Punta, laid on a terrace dated back to XIII century, which overlooks the lake.

Here the Catholic ceremony took place, under quite a heavy downpour. Shower are not infrequent on Italian lakes, in summertime: I find that they help to convey that super romantic feeling that I love.

But they also bring the most magnificent sky, after they’ve passed.

In the garden of the Camin Hotel in Colmegna, one of the most antique and classy hotel in that area of Lake Maggiore, we had the chance to see the most beautiful sunset ever, while walking with the bride and groom to take some more intimate and romantic portraits.

I enjoyed so much this wedding, as I felt a lot of love in the air, following this super sweet couple in this amazingly romantic scenery… I think you might find some of these feelings in the pictures here. ^^

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