Pre Wedding Photographer in Italy

Hi! Are you by any chance planning the most romantic trip to Italy for you and your love and are looking for someone to capture all the beauty and the feelings which will flow around and between the two of you?

Well you might have come in the right place, then.

If you haven’t seen the rest of the site yet, I am Sandra, I am a commercial and wedding photographer based in Italy, and I’m glad you’re here.

I travel as much as I can, but I guess I am a different kind of traveler.


I look for wonders.


From the most impressive world unique pieces, to the smallest and sometimes underrated surprises


I need to feel the soul of the places: passing by at any given moment to me is not enough.


I still didn’t get if it’s because I am a photographer, or if I am a photographer because of this.


In any case, traveling often with other photographers and having a very sympathetic partner helps a lot.


When it happens to be around with friends who doesn’t have my same light-sensitivity,

it is always fun to try to explain to them why we should wait for a certain hour to see that very place, or why I need to scout around to fix in my mind (and often on the phone camera too) the best “frame” of the whole scenery.


Oftentimes I enjoy staying in a place for a while, maybe on a bench or at some café dehors, drinking something, looking around, observing things and people, with no rush.


I think that travels are some of the most beautiful memory to share with a person you love.


Many of my favorite and intense memories involve traveling and beloved people.


So now that I am able to frame these memories for other people, mixing my love for portrait and my love for beauty and moods, I am more than happy to work with with other eager travelers and offer them my experience in scouting places and seeing light.

Usually an engagement or a vacation photoshoot for couples are made of a nice walk towards the most beautiful sceneries and a lot of fun.


Oftentimes I like to study, trace and propose to my clients different routes than the most beaten paths, in seek of hidden wonders and precious, authentic atmospheres.


A couple photo session is actually more something like portrait than reportage, but my main goal is always to let you feel comfortable and at ease, combining my experience in portraiture to help you get the most natural and beautiful pictures.


If you’re planning an engagement trip or a romantic vacation and you want to go back with some beautiful photographs, please feel free to have a look around at my work and if you find that it resonates with you, feel free to drop me a line with all the info you feel useful to share with me: I’ll back in touch in the shortest time with the full brochure, answering all your questions.

If reading my words and seeing my pictures is making something resonate in your head and your heart,
I couldn’t be happier to know you.
Whether you’re thinking about an elopement with just the two of you, or you dream the most enchanting wedding, or maybe you want to go totally outside of the box, I love to listen to people in love so don’t be shy (like me sometimes ^^) and feel free to enquire anytime through my contact page .