Romantic Military Wedding in Palazzo Ducale

When Cesare called me through Giovanni, asking if I were available for Giorgia and Vito’s wedding in Modena, I was very intrigued. It was my first time, covering a military ceremony, and, as far as I knew, it was quite an important one.

Their venue was a real special one: the Ducal Palace of Modena. The Palace, home for centuries of the Este Dukes of Modena, now houses the prestigious Italian Military Academy, which I understood is basically Vito’s second home, as he’s now Senior Officer in our Carabinieri Force.

As soon as I enter the baroque Courtyard of Honor, I was in awe. I found the most elegant and solemn atmosfere, amongst the loggias and the palladian arches.

Vito got ready in his dress uniform in one of the magnificent halls of the palace, and then waited for Giorgia outside, in the beautiful Piazza Roma. They then entered the palace together and walked through the grand staircase towards the second floor, where the ceremony took place. After the ceremony, one of the most symbolic moments, before the feast: the Honor Guard with the Officers. While the guests were accompanied for a visit in the Museum of the Military Academy, we had the chance to take some portraits of the couple in some of the most representative spots of the venue. The reception was then cheerful, with a delicious dinner, music and dancing.

I couldn’t thank more Cesare and Michela to let me shoot this beautiful wedding, and Vito and Giorgia for having been so nice and kind during the whole day and letting me publish these pictures that I cherish so much.

Can only express to them all my wishes for the brightest future and happiness. ^^

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