Intimate Outdoor Destination Wedding in Villa San Remigio

I first got in touch with Hannah some months before their intimate destination wedding in Italy and she booked me straight away. I was really happy, ’cause you know how I love the lakes I live nearby and Villa San Remigio is really one of the most beautiful and evocative spots in the area of Verbania – Pallanza and of the Lake Maggiore in general.

Actually, Villa San Remigio has got a quite interesting and romantic history. It took its name from the small private chapel which laid at the margins of the park, when the whole land was owned by Dalla Valle and Browne families. The villa itself and its garden, which together with Villa Taranto gardens makes a single huge park which covers basically the whole Castagnola hill, were then developed by Silvio Della Valle di Casanova and his wife, Sofia Browne, who grew up together in the villa and who eventually fell in love, dedicating their life to build and enrich Villa San Remigio as piece of art and symbol of their “dream of love”.

Villa San Remigio, raised by Browne, painter and sculptress, and Della Valle, poet and writer, quickly became a well renowned place for artists and intellectuals, like Hesse, D’Annunzio, Boccioni and Clara Schumann.

During the years, Villa San Remigio got through many vicissitudes, till now, where we have the original chapel restored to its beauty and transformed into a charming ancient house, Villino San Remigio, where Hannah and Morgan stayed with their guests and celebrated their ceremony, and the greater Villa, with its Italian and English gardens, which accomodate offices of the Government.

I have to say that we couldn’t start with better premises.

When me and Fabrizio, who seconded me for this wedding, arrived on location, we suddenly got overwhelmed by the beauty of the house itself and the incredible panorama of the Lake Maggiore in front of the Villa. Hannah was already dressed up and I found her to be so beautiful and elegant, but at the same time so cheerful and nice… while Morgan, well, I have to say that he totally reminded me of one of my fav musicians in his younger age… and we also found there the lovely Victoria of Symbolic Wedding in Italy, who celebrate the ceremony, in the most touching way.

And, cherry on top, Alzamantes band playing some of my favourite songs with electric folk arrangements, like the soundtrack of one of my favourite Scorsese’s movies, The Departed.

The symbolic ceremony took place outdoors, in the garden of the Villa, on a terrace which offered us a breathtaking view of the lake. The mood was just magical, as romantic as just Italian Lakes can be.

The first part of the reception took place in the Villa as well, while for the dinner, we moved to Piccolo Lago, a well renowned gourmet restaurant, where all their guests could have enjoyed some delicious Italian specialties and we got some of the most touching speeches ever.

We had a lot of touching moments and a lot of fun… I collected here a tiny selection of their pictures, but there’s more in the portfolio gallery! ^^

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