"Sometimes you never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.”


– Dr. Seuss

Wedding Albums and Books

I do believe that the only reason for you to buy a wedding book from me nowadays is to get something more than just… a wedding book.

To me, whether you’re getting married in Italy or abroad, everything starts with an outstanding delivery of the highest quality and refined digital pictures (whether I shot digital or film).


Then the wedding album has its own chapter.


A wedding book can be a piece of art itself.

Something to store in your library amongst your other favourite precious books.


Something designed to make every spread a unique and clean composition in balance and mood.


My clients usually go for modern, elegant and sleek solutions, timeless products made by the world’s

top suppliers, carefully hand-crafted and flawlessly designed.


From time to time, I love to go scouting for the newest and best products, and I often update the product catalogue, through which my clients can choose and customize their wedding book to get their unique fine art heirloom.

Fine Art Prints and Keepsakes

We’re living in an era of things that can’t be touched.

Pictures are made of light and bytes and stored in silicon. And this allow us to have infinite memory of everything.


That’s why, to me, all starts with an outstanding and exquisitely refined high resolution digital delivering, which will let you enjoy your pictures in every most desired way.


At the same time, we cherish our most precious things. What we can touch and smell. The corrugated surface of a vinyl, the sensation of film, the smell of an old book. What has been made with love and is unique, to us.

I am the kind of person who treasures her family pictures and is curious of the stories behind the antique faces.


I am a big fan of the preservation of what it’s beautiful to us.


So that’s why, when it comes to albums and prints, the fine art option is my favourite.


Fine art printing is nowadays what printing in the darkroom was, in the past. The most authentic and refined way to transform the light in something that can be touched.


For those of you who are more interested in technicalities, fine art print is made through special papers, which are usually created by selected fibers, to grant the best support for the archival inks.

The high number of different inks, and their quality, is the other feature which makes fine art print the most wonderful, lively and true photographic printing method of these days.


Fine art prints are designed to last for centuries.


That’s why this is how museum and galleries’ unique pieces are printed.


Of course, as wedding photographer based in Italy who often works with clients that live far from my studio, I streamlined the most seamless workflow for ordering and delivering prints and products.